So It Begins…

This page is going to need some serious re-working, but it’s a start. More than anything I have been taking notes of things I want to write about share and so on, so I figured I’ll just start and work out the kinks as I go!

So here it is, my blog. I will talk about a lot of different things, from Segen (my dog) who travels with me on many of my adventures, to balancing work as a software consultant with multiple side businesses, and about my ongoing journey to reach my own personal health and body goals.

What’s my end goal with all of this? I want to make you laugh. I want to inspire you, challenge you and have you thinking about what it is you want from your own life. I want to get out and live each moment, creating a new path for me to evolve in to as I pass 50, and look toward what do I really want to do when I grow up, then DO IT! Each of us has a story and all are interesting in their own way. I look forward to hearing all about yours as I share mine.

Welcome to my adventure! ❤🐾

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