Day 2 of Self-Quarantine

I meant to start on Day 1, but what can I say, I had work to do and just got lazy about getting a blog post done. Now with some project changes, I may just have time to blog every day for the next few weeks while I’m “locked down”.

So why the quarantine for 14 days when so many started over a week ago? Well, I went to Colorado for a few weeks to spend time with my Mom for her birthday, and my nephews for Spring Break. Planning it we had no idea it would turn in to an extended leave from school with students learning virtually, or that I’d need to hurry and leave as the conversations started around shelter-in-place for Colorado. That still hasn’t happened, but I needed to get back to Montana, especially with all the house stuff going on (that’s another post in the not too distant future). So out of love for my fellow Montanans, I am home for a few weeks to ensure I am indeed free of Covid-19, aka Corona Virus. Though there are now ~50 cases in Montana, I am doing my part to not contribute further to the problem.

The trip was fun! Our first week we celebrated Mom’s birthday, even Shane flew in from Minnesota to join the festivities, going out to dinner a few nights. Though there were warnings about closing businesses, everything was still open and places were crowded, though definitely not business as usual. We enjoyed the Blue Note Thursday and saw our old friend Paul Smith play with his band. As always, an amazing show. The second week we hung out at Mom’s or my sister’s place and kept to ourselves. Driving home was challenging as getting fuel, buying beverages or snacks, etc. require using your hands and seeing people. I got used to using my sleeve (which reeked of diesel at the end of the day!) or a paper towel to pump fuel, and using hand sanitizer every time I had an interaction with a cashier. A few were really prepared, like the Exxon/Pilot at the 287 junction on I-90…gloves, hand sanitizer – the works! So appreciative! It’s a crazy time we’re living in with a roller coaster stock market, over 20% unemployment rate and everyone told to stay home. One little virus has created this global pandemic! Very grateful my family is healthy, as are my friends and their families to date. Here’s a great picture from our restaurant nights where we ran in to my cousin’s wife, Talitha. Small world!

Me, Talitha, Shane, Natalie and Connie (Mom)

Shopping has been an experience! This is when I’m grateful that I stock pile everything when it’s on sale, as I knew my freezer was full and I didn’t need toilet paper or paper towels. For some reason, toilet paper sold out everywhere immediately, for what reason we have no idea. I think Charmin leaked something on the internet about a shortage and it went from there. HAHA! I went to Safeway on Friday before leaving Saturday morning as I had no idea what would be waiting for me in Whitefish. I needed some fresh veggies, fruit and a few canned items, so figured with the truck I’d just load it up. And boy did I! Lines at the store were crazy, but you can see from my fridge/freezer and shelves at home that this one person and one dog house is ready for weeks at home. This doesn’t even include my pantry (and yes, I like my Diet Pepsi…I don’t want to hear it). 😂

The line to check out at Safeway in Littleton, CO

A few additional photos of the pups while we were at my sister’s, and my road trip home through Wyoming and Montana.

Life has certainly changed in a short amount of time! I know things will get better, back to however we each define normal, but this has been a radical reminder of what is TRULY important in my life…my family and friends. What are you and yours doing during this interesting moment in our history? Are you spending quality time and recognizing that this may be a gift of time for you? Or are you in panic mode and prepping, missing the moments that are in front of you right now? Remember, everything is a choice. Even not deciding is a choice. So choose your moments, embrace what you can from these crazy moments, and keep taking deep breaths. Give it to God (or whomever you talk to) as this too shall pass. ❤️

This Too, Shall Pass

When things are bad, remember: It won’t always be this way. Take one day at a time. When things are good, remember: It won’t always be this way. Enjoy every great moment. —Doe Zantamata

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