About Life with Little Miss Dynamite

One of my favorite sayings has always been “the difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.”  I knew I needed to do something different, and this blog was my way of starting down that path.   Oh, I’ve tried blogging in the past, but in retrospect I was focused on a product or business, and not on my overall life.  And if I do say so myself, my overall life is more interesting than one little piece of a dry business.  I truly believe all lives are interesting, that we all have our light and ideas to share, and that there is so much more to listen to and learn from the whole person.  I know, a touch too philosophical but you get my point.

Me Sept. 1973 on Fulmer Farm

At 49 going on to what seems like forever I felt the need to put it all into words.  The road trip fun and travel for work, photos that I have taken that have special meaning or caught my eye in some magical way, the highs and sometimes extreme lows of my personal weight journey (and the recipes I’ve found and LOVE!), and all the (mostly funny) anecdotes I have and will continue to share with anyone that will listen, but mostly our family’s next generation.

Even Walmart is an Adventure!

I’m happy you’ve joined me on my journey and hope you find some humor in my adventures.  I love to laugh, especially when someone is else is laughing with me!  Life has been a blessing and I’m grateful for all those that are in it today, have passed through at some point in my history, and look forward to those I’ll meet at the next fork in the road.  I look forward to your comments, messages and friendship on this (hopefully long!) adventure.  Cheers!

Stephanie (LMD)

Enjoy the adventures and fun with me, Stephanie Curd, aka Little Miss Dynamite, as I continue my journey of 49 going on forever.

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