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Who’s In Your Tribe?

I must admit, when it comes to surrounding myself with amazing women, I’ve been very blessed throughout my life. These past few months (specifically on Fridays) are great examples when a few of these beauties gather at my home for cocktails, food and (sometimes tears!) lots of laughter. This may have started because of Covid and not wanting to miss happy/social hours, but has turned into an important part of my week with the women in my world.

Celebrating Mom’s Birthday in Black Hawk, CO
Cabin Fever Days, 2020

Girl Power (sorry Spice Girls, but this isn’t about you) has been so critical to me at every stage of my life, and becomes more important to me with each passing year. From early stages with young friends, to recognizing that your Mom and Sister are your best girlfriends.

“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you’ll know exactly what to do.”

“God determines who walks into your life…it’s up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go.”

Lake Koocanusa, August 2020

Love You, My Tribe! I wouldn’t be who I am without each and every one of you. ❤️

~Stephanie, Little Miss Dynamite 🧨

4th of July in Polebridge, Montana, 2019

So It Begins…

This page is going to need some serious re-working, but it’s a start. More than anything I have been taking notes of things I want to write about share and so on, so I figured I’ll just start and work out the kinks as I go!

So here it is, my blog. I will talk about a lot of different things, from Segen (my dog) who travels with me on many of my adventures, to balancing work as a software consultant with multiple side businesses, and about my ongoing journey to reach my own personal health and body goals.

What’s my end goal with all of this? I want to make you laugh. I want to inspire you, challenge you and have you thinking about what it is you want from your own life. I want to get out and live each moment, creating a new path for me to evolve in to as I pass 50, and look toward what do I really want to do when I grow up, then DO IT! Each of us has a story and all are interesting in their own way. I look forward to hearing all about yours as I share mine.

Welcome to my adventure! ❤🐾