Favorite Photos

I really do love living on Montana. Sure it gets cold, sure I get tired of running the snow blower and shoveling, and yep, I even get gloomy with the dark, short days living in the Northwest part of the state. However, there are some SERIOUSLY great trade offs! My four-legged neighbors are everywhere, and such a gift to see the almost daily.

This week was more notable as I had better timing than usual. Catching a squirrel and group of deer at two different times that all wanted their pictures taken while the sun was out was wonderful! Add a couple of sweet pictures of my best girl, Segen, and it’s a trifecta of fun!!

Enjoy! Here are a few of my favorites from this week…

Peeking over the snow drift
How’s a squirrel cross the road? He flies!
Oh, Deer!
Left or Right?
At the front door having a little snack.
Watching me watch her!
Segen, loving all the snow days!
Collecting snow and frost, beautiful girl!
The views aren’t bad either! This one from my front door.
Big Mountain from the backyard patio on a day when it’s not socked in.

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