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Delete, Donate or Dump!

It’s been nice to be on a social media hiatus. Not planned, just worked out that way and I must say it was invigorating in so many ways. Reading @hodakotb as I do daily, and today’s message said it perfectly!!!

Personally, I have been (slowly) working through the clutter in all areas of my life. Delete, donate or dump – it’s been so freeing to get my space back, both physically and mentally!

As we go into the holidays the mental and physical clutter can be overwhelming. Remember to breathe deeply, smile often and when in doubt, throw it out. 🗑

Ah, Plato…

I know…I never write, I never call. :). This one resonated this morning, so I am taking a few moments to put my thoughts on “paper.”

Every morning I read Hoda Kotb’s quote of the day in her book, I Really Needed This Today. Then I write in my StartToday journal by Rachel Ray. I know, sounds like plugs for the books, but it’s really about finding what works for you in setting your personal goals and jump starting your day. For me, this is my power-punch combo pack that I do EVERY MORNING.

Anyway, today’s quote from Hoda is “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” ~Plato WOW! First, a good reminder of why Plato was/is one of my Dad’s favorite philosophers. Second, Plato is right. We (by we, I mean me) are constantly saying today is the first day of the rest of my life…or starting fresh today…or for me, it’s a do over! No matter how you dice it, if you don’t START something, you’ll never reach your end goal.

Short and sweet for today, but the take-away is GET STARTED! Create a new habit, break an old one, learn something new! Whatever you see in your future you have to take the first step and BEGIN to reach your grand finale. Happy Humpday!